BOMBERMAN follows the simple principle of construction, destruction and reconstruction. BOMBERMAN has a lot of preferred stuff he wants to carry but the problem is he is a bomb! When he is fully equipped with stuff the timer (his fuse) runs and finally he explodes. This concept can work as agility game to stack pieces against a timer, or just as funny actionfigure with a cool action feature.

The Space Crowd is a concept design for a bundle of 5 minimalistic actionfigures. The story behind is about a comet that brings a bunch of strange creatures to earth. Each one got special movement abbilites and is specified through a different material choice. The packaging reflects the comet-theme in a shaped blister and a coated foam comet wich is destroyed by opening.

Antikörper Andi ( antibody andi ) is an ability game about a sick organ called "Andi". Centerpiece is the electric actionfigure with moveable tentacles and different luminous diodes under a gum skin. Target is to strike the flittering diodes with the right colored syringe. Andi can also be used as a normal actionfigure.

Bernd magst du´s? ( Bernd do you like it? ) is a weird little puppet friend that you can ask if you are not sure of something. But Bernd is a funny little goblin that is very cheeky, and the most things he doesn´t like. But anyhow it is always fun to pull the rope!