The Story of Robotic Madness is about a grumbly hero and his involuntary mission to stop a evil and crazy robot-constructor-brain-alien that calls itself "Doctor Zed". Equipped with a digital glove that spawns crazy weaponry "der Kämpfer" fights for earth!
This was a free project created 2011 and done the whole by my self. It was a personal experiment if i would be able to do a short animated movie with my basic skills and learning by doing within a limited time period. I understand it as a kind of tribute and homage to classic B-Movies, PC-Games and Si-Fi-Comics.

In the making of the movie I used Maxon Cinema 4D, Rhinoceros, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe After Effects and a few other software programs.

The hardest part was the making and animation of the Hero. From the basic rig to the vary details like the smoking cigar and the hair.

Finally the whole project was done in 5 month, including a printed documentation and the making of a teaser, a trailer and the final movie. The straight render time for the movie were about 277 hours.