This product was designed at Augenstein Design, for Molto Toys, Spain.
The ergonomic POTTY TRAINER is a 2-in-1 product design. It gives the opportunity to be used as ground-standing potty, or as wall-mounted urinal for older kids.
It also features a 2-part design. The base is made for sturdy standing or, with the wall attachment, safe hanging. The removable top-part is very ergonomic for the kids, providing a stable and safe seat, as well as allowing easy and hygienic emptying and cleaning for the parents. 

Designed mainly for the south european and asian market, the 2-in-1 POTTY TRAINER can be used floor standing, as classic but very ergonomic potty, but also be wall-mounted to allow (boys) the usage as kids-pissoir. In both ways, the top-part remains removable for simple cleaning.

The potty works for children from 18 month + and is available in various colours.