PLANAR focuses the phenomenon of modern city nomads. Especially for young people is urban living space very expensive and therefore limited. Because of this they often change it. A result is the need of simple, flexible furniture solutions.
Target group are young, urban people whose lifestyle is destinated by flexibility and practical solutions.

The concept is a useable partition wall with integrated pluggable furniture parts. Seperatad by the choosen materials are two versions of PLANAR, named AIR and TOUGH.

"AIR" is a sandwich of plywood and bioplastic-foam. It is very lightweight but still solid and stable and therefore easy to use and transport.

"TOUGH" is a sandwich of recyled plastic and a plastic-rubber-mix. It is extremly robust and durable and so suitable for outdoor use. This offers a lot of additional application areas. It can be used for example in major events or emergency shelters.

PLANAR was designed in Teamwork with Jan Hasenbalg.