This product was designed in teamwork at Augenstein Design, for Hauck, licensed by Hasbro.

The actionpacked NERF BATTLE RACER is a go-kart designed with all the NERF products in mind. It provides storage possibilities for a huge number of guns and darts, all over the front shield as well as all around the seat.  The storage is designed to hold almost all of the one-arm Nerf guns with all their various shapes and geometrics. Target group for the go-kart are kids from 4 - 10 years.

The front shield provides gun storage on the left and on the right. Every side is able to hold a big or two small guns.
The middle area is a storage for 10 darts. There is an additional decoration with stickers.

The wheels are extra wide low section tires for a stable and grippy ride, cool look and fun driving. They are mounted with ball bearings and coated with EVA rubber.The seat is extra wide and comfortable and can be adjusted in 3 different stages. On both sides are hollow areas for quick access on single darts or short clips. The backside provides a frame to easily store one or two of the bigger guns.