This sports bottle concept is focused on ergonomics and very intuitive handling during sports. Individual manufacturing with modern techniques round off the concept.
Target group are mainly endurance athletes that search for an easy way to stay hydrated while sporting.

EZEE combines the advantages of a flexible squeezing bottle with sturdiness and practicabillity of a solid plastic bottle. The same principle works on the sucker that is similar to a pacifier.This in combo with the hand-ergonomic shape integrates EZEE in sport activitys in a very natural way.

The actual volume is made of silicon rubber integrated in a solid plastic frame. The silicon bag is divided into zones with different firmness. The closer they are to the pressure point the much softer they are.
Although it is possible to produce EZEE in a traditional way, it is optimized for individualised 3D-print. Thereby you can choose a requested filling capacity and measurement data of your hand is used for ergonomic adaptation.