The initially idea of the TREEHUGGER was strongly influenced by concepts of the hacking culture. This is not so much about digital, but more about the "life-hacking" wich means fresh interpretation and alternant use of existing structures in a everyday life environment.
The concept is completed by elements from different funsports like parcour, climbing, slacklining, and bouldering.
The concept targets mainly young people that search for new action- and funsport possibilitys, attaching importance to exeptional products and want to use them in a creative, individual way.

Due to the Focus on highest modularity and individualisation the TREEHUGGER got two special interfaces, that provide a lot of freedom in usage combined with simplicity and safety.

The HUGGER is the main element of the concept, a big rollable climbing mat. It features a lot of the HUX´s and CROWN´s to fix climbing stones and connect to other elements.
The outer materials of HUGGER are durable and secure, the inner material-mix-core is stable in one direction and flexible to the other.

The backside of the HUGGER is made of textured rubber that prevents it from sliding on the tree or structure it is fixed to and also protects those.
The tension strap can be merged in two directions to get different surface weightings.

The tension belt is very similar to a slackline (and it can also be used as one), with HUX on both ends.
The special TENSIONER provides comfortable fixing and is also connected via HUX. A rubberpad on the bottom protects trees or structures where it is used.

The LINER is similar to the tension belt of the HUGGER but with a lot integrated HUX´s and CROWN´s and a upholstered fabric part. It can be used in many different ways for example as a climbing rope with stones or without as a swing.
The small FLY is a metal clip combined with a rope and attached to a climbing stone. It can be used to fix the LINER at positions that are difficult to reach.

The KING works with three HUX-interfaces as a connection nod between other elements. Attached with a climbing stone it can also be used as a free positionable extra grip.

So this is the TREEHUGGER concept and for a example of using it let´s go through...