AMIGO is a virtual tequila brand to play around with different packaging designs ideas.
The basic Tequila has two grades, ORO and BLANCO. The bottles are four-sided, this is the basic shape of all AMIGOS.
On two sides of the bottle apears an embossing of a caterpillar.

DRUNKEN AMIGOS is a special packaging as limited edition or anniversary pack.
The special edition of a BLANCO and a ORO grade bottle comes with changed shape and label.
They “behave” like drunken guys, together they support each other to stand, alone the bottles lie down.

The shape of DRUNKEN AMIGOS is very iconic and got a high recognition value.

The Packaging for the ANJEO and EXTRA ANJEO grades reflects a higher and more expensive class of tequila.
The bottles are opaque and with a quality seal on the breech.
Like the casual grades the bottles have an embossed caterpillar on two sides

GENTLEMANS BANDEJO is a concept for a special edition high grade tequila.
The bottle is flat with a long neck to work like a tray to serve shots + lemon and salt.
The front side is very reduced with a frosted label. The margin shows AMIGO TEQUILA in big embossed letters.
The caterpillar symbol is embossed to a coin embedded in the backside.